Press release

Covered bond industry playing a leading role in shaping smart digital and sustainable solutions to support the climate transition

21 April 2023

Brussels, 21 April 2023 – For immediate release


On the occasion of the 32nd ECBC Plenary Meeting in Helsinki on 19April 2023, the EMF-ECBC has once again demonstrated how it is at the forefront of innovation with the parallel organisation of the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI) Sustainability & Digitalisation Pavilion.

Building on the momentum generated at the EEMI Trento Bauhaus Week in February 2023, this second event in the series brought together start-ups, lending institutions, issuers, investors and public authorities from across Europe and beyond to showcase and brainstorm on smart digital and sustainable solutions focused on scaling-up the financing of the climate transition.

The mortgage and covered bond industries have a unique and game-changing role to play in channelling investment to sustainability, and since 2015 have been leading on efforts to “finance green” through the EEMI. The most recent endeavours are intended to shape and deploy a new value chain or “ecosystem” to guide consumers towards financial and technical solutions which support them in the energy renovation of their homes.


Commenting on the EEMI Pavilion in Helsinki, EMF-ECBC Secretary General & EEMI Coordinator, Luca Bertalot, stated:

“Good ideas and smart people can change the world for the better. We are dedicated to bridging the gaps between issuers, investors and SMEs to deliver the best digital innovations and market solutions. Similarly, we are fully committed to supporting the EU Renovation Wave by providing a financial and industrial green ecosystem which puts consumers at the heart of this Copernican revolution.”