Data Hub


In a changing world and dynamic market environment, accurate data collection is crucial to making informed business decisions, ensure quality, transparency, and safeguard market integrity. The EMF-ECBC acts as global market think-tank and catalyst by promoting and developing market initiatives aimed at reinforcing data transparency, common definitions, alignment of best practices and cross-border comparability of data.

The EMF-ECBC Data Hub offers added value to our members, stakeholders and society as a whole by establishing free and direct access to a global Housing and Covered Bond Market data lake.


The European Covered Bond Fact Book Data Hub presents the statistics gathered by the ECBC on the outstanding volume and annual gross supply of covered bonds since 2003. The tool’s aim is to provide a visual representation, with individual and flexible filters, that can serve as a reliable source of data for interested parties, ranging from issuers to investors and regulators.


The Hypostat Data Hub encompasses the EMF statistics for the 27 Member States of the European Union, plus an additional 12 jurisdictions beyond the EU’s borders. This data series covers all relevant indicators on housing and mortgage markets, and macroeconomic patterns to enable financial institutions, private stakeholders and researchers to identify and analyse key changes in these markets at both individual and condensed levels.


The Quarterly Review Data Hub shows data on mortgage and housing market developments on a more frequent, quarterly, and annual basis. This data set is based on a country sample covering around 95% of the total outstanding mortgage lending in the EU27 and the UK.


All three data hubs can be freely accessed via the Data sections of our websites and include the following features: