Data Hub

Data Hub   In a changing world and dynamic market environment, accurate data collection is crucial to making informed business decisions, ensure quality, transparency, and safeguard market integrity. The EMF-ECBC acts as global market think-tank and catalyst by promoting and developing market initiatives aimed at reinforcing data transparency, common definitions, alignment of best practices and … Continued


News, market insights and updates from the EMF-ECBC covering the latest regulatory developments with direct or indirect impact on mortgage credit and covered bonds.

ECBC Global Concept Note on Third Country Equivalence for Covered Bonds

An Industry concept note on third country equivalence for a global implementation of the Covered Bond Directive   The implementation of the European Union (EU) Covered Bond Directive represents a real legislative lighthouse driving harmonisation and alignment of market best practices with a principle-based approach in the 30 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). … Continued

Quarterly reviews

In light of mounting political uncertainty both within and outside Europe, the third quarter of 2016 has provided an aggregate housing and mortgage market picture which is in line with the previous quarters. In the EU house prices continued their upwards trend, on an aggregate level,…

EMF Hypostat

Hypostat is the European Mortgage Federations’ annual statistical report, encompassing data on recent developments in housing and mortgage markets in the EU27 and beyond.

ECBC Fact Book & Statistics

The ECBC Covered Bond Fact Book is a comprehensive source of information on the covered bond asset class. The latest edition of the Fact Book includes detailed explanations on the legislation and markets for covered bonds in 37 countries as well as articles on key trends and market developments.


The EMF-ECBC publishes in-depth legal, economic and statistical studies, surveys and notes on a variety of different issues of key relevance to EU mortgage and/or covered bond markets.These analyses focus on market trends from a statistical perspective, data definitions, …

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