Trento Bauhaus Week

2023-02-13 00:00:00 2023-02-16 00:00:00 Europe/Brussels Trento Bauhaus Week Trento, Italy
13 February 2023 — 20 June 2024

The Trento EEMI Bauhaus Week (13-16 Feb 2023) is the first in a series of market events intended to launch a new movement in the design, scale-up and roll-out of home ecosystems globally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice between financial actors, SMEs, start-ups, architects, scientists and academics, local authorities, to name but a few. Together, these actors have the potential to design and deliver a new market paradigm and blueprint, built around clear best practices and market benchmarks, which can shape and drive massive qualitative improvements for the market and for millions of families around the globe.

In this first set of events in the series, the focus will be placed on harnessing the potential and potency of start-ups in implementing digital and sustainable solutions in the area of energy efficient home renovation. Indeed, start-ups can help to match the supply of and demand for innovative and cost-effective online financing and technical solutions for the EU’s consumers, whilst helping banks to meet regulatory and supervisory requirements and expectations around the management of climate and environmental risk, by closing the data gap, facilitating disclosure and reporting, supporting due diligence, and avoiding green washing.

Significantly, the Trento EEMI Bauhaus Week will provide a unique platform for start-ups to showcase their product and services not only to other participants in the value chain, but to investors, providing the start-ups present with the opportunity to seek and potentially secure funding for their activities.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the EEMI Bauhaus family, market leaders and pioneering investors in our quest to build synergies across the value chain and implement leading-edge solutions in a forward-looking business model and sustainable market paradigm.