News, market insights and updates from the EMF-ECBC covering the latest regulatory developments with direct or indirect impact on mortgage credit and covered bonds.

EBA launches two consultations on draft RTS and on a set of Guidelines on the LGD in a situation of economic downturn

23 May 2018

Basel Committee issues capital treatment for simple, transparent and comparable short-term securitisations

22 May 2018

Energy efficient buildings: Council adopts revised directive

16 May 2018

EBA prepares the launch by July of a data collection exercise to answer the Commission’s call for advice on the new Basel III framework

9 May 2018

ECBC Chairman’s Note 27th ECBC Plenary Meeting, Vancouver, 18 April 2018

27 April 2018

Covered Bonds in Canada – OSFI’s role in supporting the integrity of the framework — Remarks by Superintendent Jeremy Rudin to the European Covered Bond Council, Vancouver, British Columbia, April 18, 2018

27 April 2018

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