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ECBC European Covered Bond Fact Book

The EMF-ECBC is pleased to present the latest edition of the ECBC European Covered Bond Fact Book, which is intended to be a benchmark and comprehensive source of information on the covered bond asset class.


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Video introduction of the statistics by the Chairman of the ECBC Statistics & Data Working Group, Mr Joost Beaumont

The ECBC data covers market developments over the past 18 years for 36 different countries.

The ECBC European Covered Bond Fact Book 2022 presents 11 articles on “Key Themes of the Year” in Chapter I:



  • 1.1

    Macroprudential instruments and their role in adding resilience to the covered bond market

  • 1.2

    Impact of Final Basel III on the EU Mortgage Sector

  • 1.3

    Sustainable Covered Bonds: Market Overview

  • 1.4

    Green Covered Bonds – An important contribution to climate neutrality

  • 1.5

    Social/sustainability Covered Bonds – Gaining Momentum

  • 1.6

    A Sustainable Housing Market: Towards A New Ecosytem Supporting The Transition Economy

  • 1.7

    Covered Bond Investor View: Private Buyers Return as the ECB Steps Back

  • 1.8

    Covered Bond Markets and Central Bank Policy in the Light of the COVID-19 Crisis

  • 1.9

    Liquidity And Trading Volume In The Eu Covered Bond Markets

  • 1.10

    Extendable Maturity Covered Bonds A New Era On The Horizon

  • 1.11

    The Rise Of New Covered Bond Markets

  • 1.12

    Liquidity and Volume in the EU Covered Bond Markets


provides a detailed explanation of covered bond fundamentals, explores regulatory issues, the Capital Markets Union (CMU), the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), Solvency II, bail-in mechanisms (MREL and TLAC), and covered bond protection. This chapter also includes articles outlining the repo treatment of covered bonds by central banks, investigates the relationship between covered bonds and other asset classes, such as senior unsecured and government bonds.


presents an overview of the legislation and markets in 42 different countries, demonstrating the worldwide success and recognition, and the continued spread of the asset class


sets out credit rating agencies’ various covered bond methodologies.


provides a description of trends in the covered bond market, as well as a complete set of covered bond statistics up to the end of 2021.

Please note that this update replaces the 2021 edition of the ECBC Fact Book, which is available on request by contacting

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