Market Initiatives

EEMI Bauhaus – Let’s Greenstorm!

Energy Efficient Mortgage Label

The Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEML) is a clear and transparent quality label for consumers, lenders and investors, aimed at identifying energy efficient mortgages (EEM) in lending institutions’ portfolios, which are intended to finance the purchase/construction and/or renovation of both residential (single family & multi-family) and commercial buildings, with a focus on building energy performance.

Covered Bond Directive: Implementation

The EMF-ECBC has sought to take a lead in providing the Industry with a dedicated arena in which market participants are able to access relevant information and share views and experiences, as well as best practices, in seeking to implement the provisions of the Covered Bond Directive and related Regulation.

COVID-19: EMF-ECBC Response

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the Mortgage and Covered Bond Industries are strongly committed to act in the interests of consumers, lenders and investors to help stimulate socio-economic recovery and secure financial stability.

European Secured Note (ESN)

In the context of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) debate and building on the success of covered bonds, the EMF-ECBC promoted the ESN initiative as a dual-recourse long-term funding instrument to allow for the financing of asset classes beyond the traditional covered bond collateral types, such as small and medium sized enterprise (SME) loans and green, social and infrastructure assets.

EMF-ECBC Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative

In September 2016, the EMF-ECBC launched a ground-breaking mortgage financing initiative to support energy efficient improvements to the European building stock.



The Covered Bond Label increases transparency in the covered bond market and improves access to information for investors, regulators and other market participants.

Mortgage Consumer Guide - The Guide is intended in particular to provide a clear and transparent overview of the different steps involved in taking out and repaying a mortgage loan and to deliver an easy to understand explanation of the rules in place at EU level.


The Covered Bond Comparative Database is a unique tool to compare key features of each covered bond jurisdiction and to access information on national covered bond legislation.