Press release

EeMAP Announces New Energy Efficient Mortgage Website

17 July 2017

Today (17 July 2017), the Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan (EeMAP) Initiative is proud to announce the launch of its new website:

The new website offers visitors an easy-to-navigate portal through which they can quickly access key information about the EeMAP Initiative. This includes details on forthcoming events, technical level meetings and access to reports on market research and findings which will be conducted in order to advance the Initiative. The website also gives access to information concerning the broad range of stakeholders supporting the project.

The EeMAP is a market-led and first-of-its-kind initiative, with its objective being the design and delivery of an ‘energy efficient mortgage product’. This is intended to incentivise the acquisition of energy efficient properties or facilitate the improvement of the energy efficiency of existing properties by way of preferential financing conditions linked to the mortgage. The Initiative aims to demonstrate that energy efficiency has risk mitigation effects for banks because of its impact in enhancing a borrower’s ability to service their loan and on the value of the property/collateral which could, therefore, qualify for a better capital treatment.

The EeMAP Initiative was launched in June 2017 at a Kick-Off Stakeholder Meeting in Rome, where over 100 European market stakeholders met with the European Parliament, the European Commission and local authorities, to discuss how EU property owners can finance energy efficiency investments in the European building stock. A series of videos summarising the debates held at the Kick-Off Meeting and the comments of key supporters, including MEP Bendt Bendtsen’s (rapporteur on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) positive response to the timeliness of the EeMAP Initiative, can be accessed via the new EeMAP website here.

In the context of tomorrow’s (17 July 2017) European Commission Public Hearing on Sustainable Finance (link), ‘energy efficient mortgages’ will be highlighted as a critical financial instrument to redirect private capital into energy efficiency investments, lowering carbon emissions and transposing the EU’s energy efficiency policy into tangible results contributing to the challenges posed by the COP21 agreement.

Luca Bertalot, EeMAP Coordinator & EMF-ECBC Secretary General, said:We are delighted to announce that the EeMAP website is now online. With a clear market-developed roadmap for the private financing of energy efficiency, the EeMAP Initiative proposes concrete solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the European Union, with market stakeholders supporting the leadership role that the EU has taken in tackling climate change.”

Additional content will continue to be added to the new website as the EeMAP Initiative progresses over the coming weeks and months, so please check back on a regular basis for the latest updates. The EeMAP Initiative can also be followed via Twitter at @EEMActionPlan.