Press release

EMF Publishes Quarterly Review – Q3 2015

18 January 2016

The European Mortgage Federation (EMF) has today published its Quarterly Review of European Mortgage Markets for the third quarter (Q3) of 2015.

Produced in cooperation with the Federation’s national experts, the Quarterly Review presents the latest short-term developments in mortgage and housing markets across the EU. The publication provides expert analytical commentary together with data tables and charts on the following key indicators:

 Mortgage interest rates;

 Total residential lending outstanding;

 Gross and net residential mortgage lending; and

 Nominal house price indices.

Overview of Q3 2015:

“The figures of this quarter continue to depict a picture of aggregate, though decelerating, expansion of the mortgage market, with low interest rates and generally increasing house prices. However, some signs of change can be seen in mortgage interest rates, which in some countries started to invert their decreasing tendency.

House prices have not inverted their generally upwards trend in line with the well-known supply/demand imbalances, the stickiness of the housing supply and the massive demographic changes due to the migratory influx.”

Luca Bertalot, EMF-ECBC Secretary General

The full Quarterly Review – Q3 2015 and the archive of previous editions (back to Q3 1998) are available here.