Press release

New Zealand joins the ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database

25 February 2016

The European Covered Bond Council (ECBC) is proud to announce the addition of New Zealand as a new country in the ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database.

With the aim of increasing convergence in the different covered bond models, the ECBC believes that providing information on the legislative and regulatory details of covered bond jurisdictions at a global level is essential in facilitating investors’ due diligence. The ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database now provides legislative information on 35 different countries and allows for the comparison of national legal details among the various covered bond frameworks.

Launched in 2009 in cooperation with national experts, covered bond specialists and issuers, the ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database is a market-led initiative which has the aim to facilitate the comparison of existing covered bond frameworks around the world. The publicly available online platform has unique tools allowing stakeholders to:

 Compare key features of covered bond jurisdictions globally;

 Access links to issuers’ cover pool information;

 Access national covered bond legislation (in English);

 Raise a question to a covered bond expert; and

 Access detailed national overviews from the ECBC Fact Book and mortgage market overviews from the EMF Hypostat, where relevant.

“The ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database, being directly linked to the Covered Bond Label website, provides a central hub of legislative information on the different covered bond frameworks at a global level, thus facilitating the exchange of market best practices. The addition of New Zealand as a new country profile makes the Comparative Database even more comprehensive and increases its added value for the covered bond community.”

Luca Bertalot, Secretary General, EMF-ECBC

The ECBC Covered Bond Comparative Database is available at:

The Covered Bond Label website is available at: