EEMI Bauhaus Let’s Greenstorm! | Fourth Virtual Event

2021-03-29 14:00:00 2021-03-29 23:59:59 Europe/Brussels EEMI Bauhaus Let’s Greenstorm! | Fourth Virtual Event info@hypo.test
29 March 2021 2:00 pm

As coordinator of the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI), the EMF-ECBC is delighted to invite you the fourth Edition of the Virtual EEMI Bauhaus Event on Monday, 29 March from 14:00 to 16:00 CET.





  • Welcome by EEMI Coordinator, Luca Bertalot (starts at 00:00:00
  • Introduction by Moderator, Richard Kemmish (starts at 00:00:46)
  • Gerard Looijen & Martin Nijboer – Jungo (starts at 00:02:21)
  • Cátia Alves – UCI, Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios (starts at 00:28:33)
  • Sigurd Næss-Schmidt – Copenhagen Economics, (starts at 00:57:31)
  • Christopher Posvar Rossi, Sebastien Gillet & Louis de Meester – Avantage Reply (starts at 01:26:08
  • Closing speech (starts at 01:58:21)

Each presentation will be followed by a 15 minutes Question & Answer Session open to all participants


Four this 4th edition, we are pleased to present the following exciting agenda:


  • Base

    Driving Investment in EE with Energy Savings Insurance model
    Livia Miethke Morais – Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist

    BASE will present the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) model, a model first created in Latin America and currently in implementation in Italy, Portugal and Spain in the H2020 funded project ESI Europe. The model combines financial and non-financial elements to drive investment in energy efficiency upgrades, especially by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).




  • Crif

    Building Energy Efficiency Simulator – BEES
    Francesco Portioli – Credit Analyst

    CRIF Real Estate Services will present BEES, the simulator developed to support financial institutions and customers in the green transition of the real estate market,identifying potential energy-efficient residential properties’ refurbishments.




  • Nationwide

    Energy efficiency vs. default probability
    Zsolt Jacko – Head of Retail IRB Modelling & Cesar Benedi Bozalongo – Senior Risk Analyst – Retail IRB Modelling

    This presentation aims to show the result of the research conducted on the relationship between energy efficiency and the default probability.
    The correlation analysis suggests that customers that own higher energy efficient properties seem to be less likely to default and to fall into arrears, even after controlling for customer, property, and mortgage characteristics that might affect this relationship. Energy efficient rating is statistically significant after including it in the IRB behavioural scorecard which allows a better allocation of capital according to the energy efficiency of the property. Results are obtained on a sample containing 650,000 residential properties from Nationwide Building Society portfolio.




  • Crédit Agricole Italy

    Structuring of the first issue of a Green Covered Bond on the Italian market.
    Cristian Segnani – Finance Department

    The issuance of Crédit Agricole Italia’s Green Covered Bond took place within the CAsa Green Bond Framework, applicable for all Group entities. The Framework has been integrated with an Annex defining the pool selection criteria: residential mortgage loans aimed at the purchase of highly energy-efficient properties. The operation was possible thanks to 4 years of data collection.