News, market insights and updates from the EMF-ECBC covering the latest regulatory developments with direct or indirect impact on mortgage credit and covered bonds.

ECON publishes its draft report on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Credit servicers, credit purchaser and the recovery of collateral.

13 March 2019

EBA publishes final Guidelines on the estimation of LGD under an economic downturn

11 March 2019

European Commission welcomes agreement on EU rules on covered bonds

27 February 2019

EBA consults on Guidelines on credit risk mitigation for institutions applying the IRB approach with own estimates of LGD

26 February 2019

EBA publishes its Consumer Trends Report 2018/19

22 February 2019

ESRB publishes report on macroprudential approaches to non-performing loans

1 February 2019

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